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Smartphone Quiz -v- Pen and Paper Quiz

As mentioned in previous blogs I have been running quizzes since I was 18 years old which means that at some point I was using good old pen and paper to run quiz nights. Up until the time I met and started working with SpeedQuizzing I always felt there was an easier way to run quizzes that didn't involve adding up scores and being able to receive peoples answers quicker to avoid people being able to cheat. SpeedQuizzing resolved both of those issues, however we've never said that there wasn't a place for Pen and Paper quizzes which is why I am putting together a list of pros and cons about the things that each format can do, that the other cannot.

1) Cheating

Let face it, the biggest problem with quizzes is controlling those cheaters and P&P quizzes are terrible for monitoring this. Where SpeedQuizzing excels is that because the questions are timed, there isn't time to cheat. My theory was that most people didn't really ever intend to cheat but having that device in your pocket which meant that you could get the answer straight away was far more appealing when you give someone all the time in the world to answer. Take away the time and people just don't even attempt it anymore. If they do, they just aren't worth playing against.

2) Time to answer

Following on from the above several comments I've had previously are that people like to be able to sit and think about a question before they answer. The unfortunate thing is that SpeedQuizzing does take away that 'time' but again as above, you can argue that giving people enough time, leads them to temptation to cheat. It all depends on what you feel is more important.

3) Specific Answers

For SpeedQuizzing to work, each question can only really have a specific answer as anything else is deemed by the system as being wrong. This can lead to a few occasions when two answers can be deemed as correct. For instance: British Airways make which type of transport? This couldn't be a letters question as both Planes and Aeroplaces are both technically correct. In this instance we would have to put this as a multiple choice question which isn't a problem but it does limit some areas. Obviously P&P wouldn't have this issue.

4) Giving lists as answers

Quite a popular round in P&P quizzes is where they ask for a list of answers. This could be things like: Name the top 5 wine producers of the world. This isn't technically possible in Smartphone Quizzes, who know's it might be in the future but for now, it remains firmly in the area that P&P can do that tech quizzes can't.

5) Points for Speed

I mean you could ask everyone to run up and give you the answers and the one to get to you fastest gets you bonus points but not everyone is sat the same distance from you and therefore it becomes a bit unfair. So this is an area that technology can shine that P&P could never really do.

6) Not being able to answer

I mean both have their problems here. Technology no matter how much we advance things, will always be prone to failure but there is such a thing as human error also. What about when your pen runs out, or you spill your pint over your questions sheet, (i suppose that might apply to spilling over your tablet to though). One is obviously easier to fix than the other but both will always carry their flaws.

7) Environmentally friendliness

One thing that always used to bother me about P&P was the sheer volume of paper you would get through doing one quiz. Obviously there is none of that when using Smartphones and Tablets.

8) Instant Scores

I remember the days of having to collect everyones sheets in and mark them, then putting their scores into a spreadsheet. I would never let teams mark each other as I always thought it was fairer for myself to make sure anything that was a 'grey' area was assessed in the same way for each question. SpeedQuizzing however will give you the scores straight meaning you can give the score at the end of each round. People love to know how they are doing and if you can do that, right away for them, then everyone is happy.

9) Interactivity

Lets face it, if you've ever played SpeedQuizzing where each teams gets their own buzzer sounds and then gone back to P&P where it's just a silent throughout, it really isn't quite the same atmosphere. I can't even think of away you could liven it up. It's just got a better vibe overall.

10) Buzzin Rounds

This is something that just isn't even possible in the slightest with P&P really. Unless you operate a system where people put their hands up when they want to answer, but what if they all put their hands up, how do you know who is first?

Those are just a few things that show the differences between both styles of quizzes. There is a place in the quizzing world for them both, it just depends how you want the feel of your night to be. It's not for everyone.

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